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Toy Train Standard Grading


MintBrand New: all original; unused and unblem- ished.


Factory NewBrand New: all original; unused; may evidence factory rubs and the slightest evidence of handling, shipping and having been test run at the factory.


Like NewComplete all original: no rust, no miss- ing parts; may show effects of being on display and/or age; may have been run.


Excellentall original: minute scratches and paintnicks; no rust and no missing parts; no distortion of componentparts.


Very Good: Minor scratches and paint nicks, minorspots of surface rust, free of dents. May have minor parts re- placed.


GoodSign of play wear: scratches and minor paint loss. Small dents, minor surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.


Fair: Scratched, moderate paint loss, dented missing parts, surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.


PoorRequires major body repair: Heavilyscratched, major rust and missing parts. Restoration candidate.

C2 - C1

Restoration required.  Finally, Junk! 

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Project Roar Publishing is dedicated to preserving the history of hobby collectibles, in particular, the miniature electric trains produced by the Lionel Corp., through careful use of original documents and expert observations.