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We are about to open the doors to the worlds greatest toy train museum!  We welcome you to come visit the most comprehensive collection of Postwar Lionel Trains ever assembled.  We will be inducting famous Toy Trains from all manufactures into our records as we continue to expand our displays.  

Postwar Lionel Trains


Explore Lionel Trains from 1945-1969, the Golden Years of Toy Trains.  Year of collecting and research in the making now on display to enjoy.  

Rare Treasures from the Past to Present


See and explore trains that delighted kids and parents offering never ending  happiness.  Visit our gift shop and online store to bring trains home!


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals in creating the Toy Train Hall Of Fame Website, and hopefully a permanent location in the not so distant future. As a CHARTER MEMBER of the TTHOF, just $10 dollars gets you full access to this site and our members only Facebook group, through to December 31, 2019. Yes, you've read correctly. Through to December 31, 2019! So, please subscribe, contribute in building this important chronicle of the toy trains that we all love and enjoy, which will include the updating and correcting of Postwar Lionel trains like never before, without borrowing from other Volumes or Websites. Respectfully, Joe Algozzini and John Truckenbrod.

Please allow 24 hours for activation.  Thank you.

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With paid membership to the Toy Train Hall Of Fame, you will be added to our members only Facebook group.  Enjoy interactive conversation, trains for sale, and additional content.  

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Colber Price Guide Now Complete!

Colber Price Guide and Inventory Reference

Membership includes price guides!  The Colber guide is now complete and online!  

Life-Like is close to complete and Postwar Lionel Boxes guide in under construction.  

Please enjoy years of independent research by collectors and historians of toy trains.  Our goal is to provide you with the most complete and accurate reference available anywhere!  

We love input and updates.  Please share content or finds we haven't yet documented.  If you don't agree with some of our content posted we would like to hear from you.   

Please enjoy this Colber price guide!  Send photos of your finds to share.   

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If you're already a member of the Toy Train Hall Of Fame, please enjoy the complete Colber Price Guide. 

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If you found us, you must love toy trains like we do!  If you  have any questions about the Toy Train Hall Of Fame, please fill out our form.   Thank you!

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Project Roar Publishing

Project Roar Publishing is dedicated to preserving the history of hobby collectibles, in particular,

Project Roar Publishing is dedicated to preserving the history of hobby collectibles, in particular, the miniature electric trains produced by the Lionel Corp., through careful use of original documents and expert observations. 


Truck’s Toy Trains

Postwar Lionel Trains YouTube Channel

When Kalmbach Media asked me to do a video series featuring my Lionel toy train collection I was both honored and full of apprehension.  Being on camera is not something I’ve aspired to do so I was plenty nervous about doing this.  After meeting the show’s producer, David Popp my uneasiness was laid to rest.  David’s enthusiasm that the show would be fun and help build interest in our great hobby sold me to do this.  Truth be told, I had a blast sharing my knowledge and my collection demonstrating to viewers why I love these trains.  I’ve gotten so many nice complements about the show and the addition of my side kick Taylor that this effort was truly rewarding.  Thank you to Kalmbach & CTT’s Roger Carp for making this possible. I hope you enjoy the show!  - John “Truck” Truckenbrod

John & Taylor welcome you!

Host John "Truck" Truckenbrod and his daughter Taylor chat about collecting postwar-era Lionel Trains (1945-1969)! Visit their Postwar Lionel trains shop and relive that magic via this Model Railroaders Video Plus chaptered series.

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